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by Star Ark

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Featuring performances from Daniel Cardoso and Adam Stewart.
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released September 25, 2014

Written and recorded 2011 - 2014



all rights reserved


Star Ark Australia

Bio: Guy makes music for some strange reason

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Track Name: Prey
home alone without Macaulay Culkin
there is no god or Uncle Buck
just products of mass hypnosis
we're just one drop in the ocean of blood
third trillionth stone from no one

they want you to go home
and sit in your room
and talk to placebo jesus
yeah he'll tell you what to do
they guilt you to high heaven
create all the rules
all choices and motions of this world are coming down and sticking around because people won't fight for the truth
there is no god just products of mass hypnosis

let me just stick your arm and then we'll take a vow
to kill the seers and cleanse the sphere

maybe we'll tattoo crucifixes underneath their eyelids
when dream time comes we'll have throngs of devil human hybrids
maybe we'll feed their kids to worms
Aw why'd you have to go make it disgusting?

we're just prey
we're all prey

maybe those priests those kiddie fiddlers have been at it for fucking millennias?

maybe we're all just prey for interplanetary stalkers?
Track Name: Lunavore
above aware of us

last night saw another one flying with angels
big flash
red moon in celestial sea

endless, timeless, faithless
no time will come
endless scales
no time will come
endless, mindless, faithless
no time will comes
endless faces
no time it come

above the sky
aware of you and I
sucks the stars dry
and bleeds the new sunrise
Track Name: The Human Clone
do they speak in tongues?
lost words forgotten desire
blank stares feed the beast
with brain dead tailored zombies
newlyweds of scene
stripped of personality
tick tock watch the tears drop
from outdated swollen emo eyes
do they speak in tongues
or rip it right from your throat?
clones of clones of clones

look this one's the same
look this one is safe
look this one is sane
make them all the same
make them till they fucking swarm

don't think you're innovation you're a past succeeding clone
don't speak of liberation you're an object and I have designed you
you are meat grown from an unambitious flame
take my pen and write this down no answers await
don't speak you're imitation you're a vast repeating form
don't dream of innovation you are an object and I've rewired you
you have been born from a never ending chain
programmed to keep the beat and slip away
and this can't be changed

look this one's the same it even has the body of the first
look this one is sane it hasn't been contaminated by the populace
look this one is sane it has seen through the guise of design to the cliches birth
make them all the same
make them till it fucking hurts

cloning moaning zombies
phoney boring zombies
won't someone give them brains
Track Name: He's got a great job (demo)
he's got a great job
and a shiny brand new car
he's such a big shot
he's a rising superstar
got a great job
and a shiny brand new car
you want it he's got it
got a great job
and a shiny brand new car
he blows a big shot
he's a magic superman
got a great job
and a shiny brand new gun

got 40 wives who spread open for diamonds, a million kids or two who live out their lives mislead by,this paradise set to paradigms, puts a whole new price on a billion lives

and all we really want to know
is how you sleep at night after all is shown?
then you pass it all down to your next in line
and build lie atop of lie

he's got a great job
he blows their heads off
he's a rising superstar
and such a great shot
some even say a god
you want it he's got it
he's got a great job
he calls the big shots
he's a magic superman
he's got a great job
and a shiny brand new bomb
you want it you got
Track Name: Mars Attacks
*This song should almost be classed as a demo however the lyrics fit the release and the current state of the world. I don't want to focus on war or religion too much for the next release so I put it on this one*

mars attacks
apocalyptic home invasion
mars attacks
we expect them here by days end
with little gray death rays
in a battle spanning centuries
mars attacks
livid green ectomorphic space men
they seem all the same
with a mission of your suffering

no we don't like that no we aren't like that like that no we aren't

they seem all the same on a mission of you're suffering
they seem all to blame maybe we should just obey
and we scream all the same staring down the barrel of a death ray


nowhere to go safe from the blame

sometimes in the viciousness of life we all justify
and sometimes in the absence of union you don't realize
that we are the bad guys
Track Name: Evacuate
sometimes you got nowhere to go but elsewhere...