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Featuring performances from Daniel Cardoso and Adam Stewart.
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home alone without Macaulay Culkin
there is no god or Uncle Buck
just products of mass hypnosis
we're just one drop in the ocean of blood
third trillionth stone from no one

they want you to go home
and sit in your room
and talk to placebo jesus
yeah he'll tell you what to do
they guilt you to high heaven
create all the rules
all choices and motions of this world are coming down and sticking around because people won't fight for the truth
there is no god just products of mass hypnosis

let me just stick your arm and then we'll take a vow
to kill the seers and cleanse the sphere

maybe we'll tattoo crucifixes underneath their eyelids
when dream time comes we'll have throngs of devil human hybrids
maybe we'll feed their kids to worms
Aw why'd you have to go make it disgusting?

we're just prey
we're all prey

maybe those priests those kiddie fiddlers have been at it for fucking millennias?

maybe we're all just prey for interplanetary stalkers?


from God Complex Avatar, track released January 16, 2014



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Star Ark Australia

Bio: Guy makes music for some strange reason

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